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I was wondering about that pill... maybe its made from blood infused with ki... that kinda acts like temporary ki-center... that while beign in stomach ki is beign released...when its totaly consumed it will make shion lose the ki control again...

as for the blood-pack... it might be that the doc will plan to make more pills from shion's blood (that is infused with ton of ki)... so if he gets more and more of those pills made from his own healing blood... it might bring his ki-center back to life

mostly the doc needs his special blood in order to heal his ki-center we will look on how will he do it...

I guess next chapter will start with those 2fodders flying out of the bar next to that baldie wirhout fron teeths.... he will be all "WTF"... more guys will attack... more will fly around... and fatality will be used on the baldie... maybe he will fly next to that car with those 2 suc

anyway I wonder when we will see Sera or Jinie again... im kinda curious on where is jinee right now... my guess is that she will hear the news that shion is fighing suc back... maybe than she will go to see it herself (and that he could fight and was not "he sucks so much" and about a miracle that someone with no ki-center can do it).... my guess is that later the alliance and sumwoo clan will join shion to get rid of suc... and at the end gromo will appear like he promised.... maybe some student-teacher fight ect. distant future

but still hope it will remain more the fighting part again... since its been like 32chapters... and in 90% of them shion got his ass kicked... he stands says something... loses conciousness... end of fight... next repeat the sequence... and next.... the funny part was jiniees reactions and her starting to fall in love.... but currently she is not here anymore so it needs to be repleced with something exciting again...
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