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Originally Posted by Kamui4356 View Post
I fail to see how splitting the company is going to address the underlying problems in the cost model. Wouldn't it just lead to increased costs of operation for both due to the need for separate management structure?
Basically, it now punishes people who opted for both streaming and DVD because the whole freaking price is about the same as ONE movie ticket a month. I will now have to go to two separate sites to maintain accounts, whee.

Netflix's bigger problem hasn't been whining customers (how much do they spend at Starbucks every month?) -- its been the "content providers" buying into cable companies and telcos and then making deals to cut Netflix out of the picture.

This NPR article is a fairly succinct shoot down of the whole idea....

And frankly, "Qwikster" SOUNDS like something my grandpa would use, what moron came up with that one?
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