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Later = Vol11 since that's the only Volume came out after that, and the traits of Black isn't mentioned there.

MARY SUE ALERT. The FU-?! 'Level 10'? Nobody, readers and in-setting characters alike, even knows what that might be like right now. 'Wipe Chrome Disaster out of existence'? One of the only 7 Sacred Treasure in Accel World, even if influenced by the thoughts of a now gone Burst Linker, able to be defeated by any single attack? For good? What. The. Hell.

50 mile radius... *facepalm* I'm not even touching into this one...

When this season is over I think I might ask for a subforum for Accel World... if only so that I won't have to see crazy ideas in the LN thread anymore...
Lol, you said what I wanted to say about fanfic. Seriously, we need a subforum for these stuff so I don't have to suffer reading them.
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