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Reading @Cnine spoiler V5, really notice Hary selfsteem is deeply low, when KYH ask him to run out for Junior Hugh President, something like, "If I win the Supreme Court will made a recall for elections", the question will be, if its ok: Haru on Vol 11 still stuck that low??, can even Taku as best friend trying to pull out??, I mean, I really think far I see only KYH and Chiyu trying to give him more confidence, but as KYH notice, Haru not believe her, ironically he set "date scenario" in VR meeting, I think somebody will need to snap him hardly, or KYH need to "return the fight favor" he did with her when she was depress cuz Sky Raker in order maybe fist fight could convince him she really mean her feelings or a "sensei caracter could talk harsh to him and say things like: "look, theres people with problems than yours, at least your base problem could solve someway ease with more determination and selfthrust".
At least its my point of view, wish could type Jap to send email or letter to the author, uhhmm, need to do something.
Well, please if somebody have more vols summaries or detail spoilers links i will appreciatte.

@Khaos, @Hayate Sama and some others I could remember now (sorry about): thanks.
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