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Chapter 3:
1 - Hamazura gets a tank dropped on his head, picks up his future Boss' slack and mans the fuck up.
2 - Sexy troll tries to mind break Accelerator. In the midst of breaking down, Accelerator continues to realize AC is fucking nuts.
3 - Cause it bears repeating; AC tech shits on everything, land, sea and sky.
4 - Hamazura can be one absolute badass.
5 - Kamijou has angst.
6 - Britain and France continue to battle. Carissa continues to be GAR.
7 - Worst continues to troll and Accelerator's mind breaks, but when Worst lies dying Accelerator still has the cognative functions to go "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK THAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!" and be all batshit crazy hero.
8 - Misaka Worst realizes that mind breaking a man who could easily be voted into the Top 10 Scariest Mofo's of the series may not have been a good idea.
9 - More bad luck befalls Hamazura, but since he's still manned up from before, he starts trying to deal with it without being all wishy-washy.
10 - MindBroke Accelerator throws a tenper tantrum, cause his personal Hero didn't see him.
BtL 3 - Mikoto continues to stalk Kamijou, realizes that he's the Chairman's golden boy and feels the need to save him from the task force specifically designed to retrieve him. Well, that or its been 2 weeks and she can't bear not seeing him for any longer.
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