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Originally Posted by Naginoura View Post
@Sol Falling: It's Momo and Shichika... Momoko reduces the beauty of Momozono Momo into nothingness while Ichika turns Shichika into Kazune... Nisio's names are special, so it gets really annoying to see them misspelled over and over again. ;;;;

@Tenchi Hou Take: It's "father figure (Tsurubami Fukurou)" not father (Kurokami Kajiki)... As Kujira pointed out, their father is safe and doing well...

There is no higher percentage than 100%. She is 100% sure both she and Ajimu have a 100% chance of saving Zenkichi and as Cross said, she wants to be the one to save him. We as the readers and those around her might see it in a different way, but this is the way Medaka sees it and as long as people around her agree to it and don't interfere, we have no right to judge.
You can call foul all you want, but next week or the week after that or the week after that or the week after that something will surely make all this make sense in a spectacular fashion, so there is no need to discuss it.

(What Cross means isn't manga logic in any way, it's the common sense of Medaka's own world --a world governed by whimsy more than anything else.)

In the end, the whimsical god would just create a new universe and revive Zenkichi there or just give up and erase the universe all together. We can't fathom how those without equals think now, can we... If the rules doesn't suit her, she'll remake them.

@ccie20012: If there is something Ajimu cannot do, it's because she doesn't want to do it yet. She is as omnipotent and omniscience as it gets. However, she is too whimsical and because she existed far longer than the universe itself, time is probably nothing to her. Waiting to see things unfold without helping -- that's what she was doing, not simply "staying in jail" because she couldn't leave.
Your pedantic, you knew what I meant she considered him to be her father like an adoptive father would though he didn't actually adopt her.

That's not how it works she admitted Aijimu is a more powerful and that she could easily save him, but she'd rather take the risk a risk she was well aware of, she didn't even completely understand the rules of their game back then, so ofcourse she knew the risk, you can't be 100% in a game you don't know the rules of, unless your honestly going to argue for that which case lol... she was confident in her abilities and wanted to fight for Zenkichi, but it's clear as day she was taking a risk on his life.
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