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Originally Posted by Sol Falling View Post
lol, sorry. Yeah, I don't keep exact names that well, I probably should have double-checked.

@Medaka's decision:
It's not pride, it's (stupid) idealism/optimism, lol. Which are pretty much the basis of both Medaka and Zenkichi's characters (thus far anyway). Medaka insisting on being the one to save Zenkichi is no less irrational than for example Zenkichi asking for his ability to be Devil Style. It's completely in character and I am even 100% certain that Zenkichi himself would approve of the decision (although the other characters might not).

However, while I agree that Medaka's decision was extremely irrational and to some degree stupid, we also ALL know of course that there's no way things could turn out really badly (like Zenkichi dying or something). After all, we've got characters like Ajimu and Kumagawa hanging around in the background. So it doesn't really matter. (On a meta level actually, I'd say the most important reason for holding Ajimu back and allowing the Suitors to stay in the picture is precisely to keep the storyline about Medaka's "father" open. This is something the audience still needs/wants to know, even if it's no longer Medaka's own primary concern/motivation.).

More importantly though, it's not even that it doesn't matter, but that Medaka's stupid idealism has in fact been the source of a ton of character development in this manga. From the start of the story we had things like Medaka doing stupidly idealistic things like wanting to help everybody, or refusing to dodge, or trusting anyone, or being trolled by Kumagawa (lol). In all cases Medaka eventually grew out of those things and became a more realistic/relatable/rational character. So even though everything is gonna turn out fine and Medaka might even pull out a perfect win via her MC hax or some shit, I'm also/still pretty confident Medaka will mature/grow out of this case of idealistic bullshit too.
To be fair, some shonen heroes and/or heroines are idealistic to a fault and Medaka is no exception. In the real world, their decisions would had gotten them killed ten times over however surreal gag manga or otherwise, it is still a action shonen series where the heroes are more or less rewarded for their idealism.
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