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Originally Posted by telamont View Post
Enjoyed this chapter. Happy the Jokers are all back. Was somewhat curious though how people here would react to Medaka wanting to rescue Zen herself and sure enough...

But aren't you guys using double standards here? Medaka wanting to rescue Zenkichi herself = arrogant, irresponsible, "dangerously messed up in the head." She should just leave it all to the omnipotent goddess Najimi. Higher probability of success that way. OK. Fine.

But then by that harsh measure... who's the measly "normal" who thought he could "come to the rescue" of that self same omnipotent goddess, a god maker, the King of the Minuses, the pinnacle of all Abnormals, and two other people who are at least equally if not much more competent than him? What does he have to offer that they don't? And rather than get in the way of people who don't need his help, doesn't he have a school to look after as the new student council president?

Yep. It was an arrogant, irresponsible, "lethally messed up in the head" decision. Naturally, he "rescued" noone and ended up a hostage. He was way out of his league, had no place being there, and thus paid for it with his life. Serves him right.

Just to clarify, since sarcasm does not carry well over the internet, I myself have no problems with either Medaka or Zenkichi doing what they did, but hey if you're going to bash, then let's be fair, right?

Seriously, people in love can do stupid things. Further more, it's a manga, some suspension of disbelief is required. Just relax people, and enjoy the ride.
There's no double standards. He wasn't risking there lives in the process which is my point, Aijimu was captured he couldn't ask for her for help no one else bothered to go than the people he brought with him who follow him of there own volition. Hell he forced the suitors to change up there strategy massively and prevented them from going to the moon, he was only risking his life, since they were already captured. It's perfectly fine to risk your own life it's your life it's something else entirely to risk someone elses without their actual consent based entirely on pride.

Whether he's willing to do the same thing Medaka did based only on pride is another question entirely, he may or may not i don't know but the fact of the matter is he hasn't done so, so far.
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