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What I find weird is why are suitors for Medaka females I mean it is not possible that they could ever Married Medaka not that I'm against Gay marriage but I'm looking at through views that reason this feast is to find right/strongest mate for the Heir of Kurokami Family since Medaka is Female there is no possible way that girl and girl can have pureblood heir when time would come for new heir kurokami corp after Medaka.

as we can see here when she is explaining the Jet black Wedding Feast:

and also Where IS Kamome Tsurubami? ... I means he is suppose to be the only Male suitor yet I think I have never read about him being one of Captives so again where is he?

I have theory that he maybe I behind of all this scheme which is Jet Black Wedding Feast I mean from what We read about him from Ajimu here:
He known as Dark Hero a Figure that works from the shadows you compare him as like Godfather of Mafia man who works in shadows while Letting others do the dirty work.

And I never felt like he lost to Medaka in their small fight when They meet up first but I think it was just to Test how strong Medaka is.

I have all ways felt strange around Tsurubami since I think he stronger than he is showing use now and what do know about this so called Kamome System?
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