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Originally Posted by Ryonea View Post
Yes. Defeat the opponent using Tag combo / Tag throw / Tag Assault and we'll get special win poses.

Same like previous Tekken games, we can select the win pose by holding a button during the replay. As for Tekken TAG 2, we could hold the button during the winpose itself (before the character walks)

holding RP/LK/RK (triangle/cross/circle) will only result in generic win poses. Holding the LP (square) will give us partner-specific win pose if they have it. Otherw
ise, it'll only give us another generic winpose.

If the main character has a special win pose with the partner by holding the square button, the partner might have the same or different win pose with the main character
for example.
- Kazuya and Devil Jin. Both of them have different win pose depending on who did the finishing blow.
- Jinpachi and Wang. Both has same win pose
- Jun and asuka doesn't have special winpose (although they like each other and both have special tag throw with each other)

You might want to try Lili and Ganryu
I can has to do with the triangle it is easier but I admit if I use the other style I have other "pose"? I'll try one day

Lili and Ganryu there is nothing special ... but I use the triangle must be for his ^^"
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