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Originally Posted by yankky5 View Post
Hey guys just wondering would if you ever heard of the Mass effect series video game (mainly 2 and 3) if you have I gotta say their weapons are awesome for their ability of their firearms lessen their size when not in use or their "omnitools" which are incredibly flexible if we could just put those things in a TSF or pilot it operational time on any model and survival chances of a pilot or soldier would definetly increase several folds

note: I know this is not related to japan in anyway
We've actually discussed this in the Fanfiction thread, in the early pages. The real point of having ME tech is that you get guns like the main gun on the Everest-class dreadnoughts, which fire a 20 kilogram ferrous slug at a speed so high, it impacts with 38 kilotons of force (force equivalent to 38,000 tons of TNT), which is the rough size of the nuke used on Hiroshima.... every five seconds.

So yeah, it's goodbye BETA with death via orbital strike; again, to most SF universes, the BETA are easy mode because those verses have orbital fire support. You have a ship in orbit, it can deliver fire support outside the Heavy Laser's range. The problem is that Alternative Earth doesn't have orbital fire support.

As for infantry weapons, yes and no, because mass accelerator weapons don't seem to be that much more powerful than conventional weapons, and have issues regarding heat buildup. A TSF armed with a mass accelerator cannon could have virtually unlimited ammo on a sortie... but it would also need a lot of time for cooldown, which is not ideal when you are facing a really big BETA horde and need Final Protective Fires, now.
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