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Originally Posted by Frailty View Post
you just need to read framedatas, experiment stuff like frame traps, oki etc..
you don't need to practice to counter a single move, if your opponent uses it a couple of times, you should be able to read it by the next round.
Tekken is a game of patience, wait for the opponent to whiff his/her launcher then retaliate.
use lows to your advantage
grab when you need to

there are a lot of options, you just need to learn it.

fighting games are all about mind reading. don't give up
just because you aren't winning doesn't mean you're bad, it just means your opponent is better than you are right now but that does not mean you can't beat him/her

I play on local tourneys, I lose too but that doesn't stop me from trying
be positive, man
I'll try, I mean I still love Tekken... it's just really difficult for me to play. Like, I have little patience and I throw out attacks and grabs sometimes because I'm panicking and sometimes because I'm trying to at least stall my inevitable defeat... because then there are times when I try to be patient and I stand back and try to dodge or block but my defense is so awful that they end up beating me faster that way. owo;

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