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Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
So you need to hold the square button for the special win pose.

Hmm...Now Iam wondering if Lili is Bi-sexual. She was so yuri in Queens Gate
Most likely a Japan thing IMO. Princess character archetype like Lili is quite popular there. Plus, it's a common thing that a friendly girls rivalry tend to be bent into yuri

Originally Posted by momobunny View Post
I'll try, I mean I still love Tekken... it's just really difficult for me to play. Like, I have little patience and I throw out attacks and grabs sometimes because I'm panicking and sometimes because I'm trying to at least stall my inevitable defeat... because then there are times when I try to be patient and I stand back and try to dodge or block but my defense is so awful that they end up beating me faster that way. owo;
You're not the only one.
I see that some people here are also having a hard time online Heck, sometimes I still lose to spammers too. (Even got a few losses to offline ghosts)
Tekken is very difficult to play "correctly" indeed. It took years to be good at this game (at least that's what I see from most of seasoned players). Also agree with Frailty. Tekken needs patience and is a defense-oriented game.
Another contributing factor might be the online play... since this is the first Tekken with decent online playability, so we are surprised that there are so many good players out there.

I also want to be good at this game, but I'll just progress naturally and don't rush it. It'll take a very long time indeed, but what's important is that we enjoy the game, right?
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