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Chapter is out and just as I thought, Mogamett overestimated his nation's power! Just one look at that Fanalis army and you know they're all badass war veterans . I feel bad for whoever have to fight with them.

I also got it right that this war was planned / or in favor of Al - Sarmen since it was Mogamett actively cut his tie with Al - sarmen first. He has a different goal and now he doesn't want to help the organization - No wonder Al-sarmen want his country to fall into despair.

Everything going to be connected to a big event 12 years ago: The appearance of Dungeons, the rediscovering of magic knowledge, the birth of Sinbad and the growing abnormalities of the world. I think sooner or later, we going to have a trip back in time to learn more about what happened 12 years ago.
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