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Battler didn't actually solve it WITH Erika. He announced his reasoning and Erika confirmed it saying they were thinking alike. The only hint Erika might have given him was the Atlas... however oddly enough, instead than playing with his cousins Battler went to the library.
No, I don't mean that they had to "solve it together". I think the important thing that Bern wanted to achieve was for her "reliable piece" to inspect the gold room herself. Wether only Erika, Battler and Erika, or only Battler, or even no one solved the epitaph is irrelevant to that percentage. Bern searched 'a few hundred kakeras' to find a kakera that brings Erika into the gold room somehow.

Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
Mind you, I'm not saying it's impossible that Battler solved the epitaph on his own but there are hints that imply that the epitaph wasn't solved in Ep despite the gold being found and, although the idea of Battler's characterization being closer to the truth is a good and possible one the gap between the two Battlers abilities seems to wide.
But in the end of EP5, Meta-Battler changes completly and becomes more like his piece version from EP5.
Also the "Genius Battler" Theory from EP6.
And didn't you wonder, why Battler suddenly lost all his "mystery knowledge" (that we got to know about in EP5 and EP7) in the first Episodes, that he was supposed to have? So he read a lot of mysteries and shared his expieriences with Shannon, but did not even know what whodunnit, howdunnit and whydunnit are? Used theories that involve fishing poles under the edge of the door, or "small bombs in the food" although his piece version in EP5 seems more knowledgeble about mysteries (and their tricks) than Erika?
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