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Originally Posted by Konpachi View Post
X207, no asking where to obtain scanlations. However, if what you were trying to ask for sites which show released dates (as opposed to material) then... Wiki should have it, no? I'll go check and post up a link later.

UPDATE: Ehh... I got nothing (not really trying hard), sorry. Well, I do have something, but I can post it cause it also offers scanlation downloads. But you have to be a member of some anime network thingy to download. Sooo, unless I get the green light, I'm sorry.
i was not asking for scanlation links at all. ive read all ch somewhere on the net a long time ago. i only breifly mentioned torrents for the purpose to say that i'd rather wait for paperback volumes. as ive said b4 paperbak versions are nice to have nearby, no need to have access to a pc or the internet. im ready for the long wait for vol33 to comeout on paperback. i have found a site already that posted when the various paperback volumes should be published.
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