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Question the lost files from The People's Republic of Kugistan

well more like the lost folder from my main external Hard Drive which I had named "People's Republic of Kugistan". to get to the point, it seems that due to some software corruption in my picture folder on my external, (with the CHKDSK utility that almost always comes up at start up) my picture folder ( with about 40+ GB's of material) disappeared after I started up with the annoying CHKDSK scan procedure) now, considering I've been collecting the stuff in that folder for years with the occasional DVD back-up's and such, I think some of the manga files started getting corrupted or something ( or the area/partition/etc.. of my external HDD that they where being stored on) well I wouldn't exactly say my picture folder that I have mention actually completely disappeared, as shown here

though the files vanishing on me like a ghost kind of confuse me, and there's the fact that they still leave a noticeable footprint on my External Hard Drive, which leads me to believe that I'm going to have to resort to really tricky measures to bring them back into existence as they once where.
any help will be greatly appreciated on me getting those files back
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