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Originally Posted by Jinto View Post
Anyway a good file recover tool is Active@ File Recovery. Admittely the tool is not freeware. But I rescued a lot of data from screwed drives of PCs of relatives of mine with it. It is easy to use and supports all major windows file systems.
I second that choice - it saved me a lot of trouble several times already. The only problem is that, just like pretty much any thorough file recovery software, it can take some time scanning the entire disk. I once made the mistake of not waiting till the very end and...only restored files that were not in the 'excellent' condition group - thus leaving me with a horde of corrupted archives and unreadable vids.

Active@ Partition Recovery is also quite nifty, too - I once succeeded (I still don't know how, but I managed to trace the source to a certain DVD region code removal program that seemed to have tampered, for no understandable reason, with the partition table) in making ALL of my HD partitions disappear and A@ PR got them back up.

The only problem, that neither of them are freeware. But the results are worth the investment IMHO.

Otherwise, there's TestDisk that is reportedly good and free but otherwise not that user friendly.
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