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Originally Posted by Cheesemon
Eh, I guess I'll use spoiler tags on this comment, but honestly, it was kinda annoying clicking on the spoiler button of nearly every single post on this thread. I'm assuming people who don't want to be spoiled wouldn't click on this thread in the first place. ^^

Actually I find the spoiler tag to be an incredible feature and can spare us some un-necessary flame wars....

Now onto my post... I was hard-hit by the episode even though I saw it coming--like I said a couple of pages back. Due to the lack of discussion on the fansub release day and my need to immediate commiseration, I turned to the (Japanese) Official FMA MBS Broadcast forum and found some interesting post and reactions

Many indicated that it was the first time they cried over an anime episode, or that their reactions were so strong that it was the first time they posted in an anime topic. Most indicated that towels and tissues are a must

One thing that I was most amazed at the restraint of the people who posted on that forum, is that not once--I'm not joking, not once--was the name
Spoiler for the cause of the dramatic event:

mentioned in anyway, just that there was a "death."

I'm looking forward to 26... hopefully there will be more closure on this.
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