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Originally Posted by Tsukase View Post
what about this one?!

would you eat this suchi?
That, my friend, is a bento, not sushi. Cute, nevertheless.

Originally Posted by Kylaran View Post
What is the limit for most people here in regards to food not commonly eaten outside of Japan (which varies by country)?

Would you be willing to eat anything served to you (either with a description or under a don't ask don't tell basis), or do raw fish simply send some of you reeling?

What about other things such as motsuyaki (grilled innards)?
Raw fish is fine, and given my Chinese heritage, innards are perfectly normal. I eat beef tongues, pork stomachs, and chicken kidneys. Perfectly fine for me.

But I'll stop at brains (they're a ridiculous gray mass of calories) and any meat outside the normal beef/pork/lamb/poultry/seafood. I've been meaning to try venison at some point.

The weirdest thing I've had was alligator meat. Actually, I didn't eat it. I was 12 and didn't want to touch that with a 10-meter stick.
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