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help me find this old anime series please

i watched this anime like around 14years ago and love it alot
now i just have this urge to watch it again but cant find it anywhere
it would nice if some of you old school anime fans can help me identify this anime

okay.. so the story goes somewhat like this

so the human race makes a huge step to create a space station... and this station is so big that it looks like the "ring thing" around a planet. and it was located around the earth.

and then mysteriously... aliens invaded the earth...they look like this huge spider with 4 legs around 6story tall and same width. and ofcourse they destroyed the space station too and left it ruined and haunted.
humans weapons of war dont even scratch those aliens

so the aliens are like no brain soldiers and they listen to these armored-suited knights(they were originally human but got infested in the moon station) during the infestation... they were cocooned in like a bug.. and one of them somehow got loss.. and maintains the human sanity ( the main character of this series)

okay now the 1st episode begins with....2 armor-mobile suited guys fighting in the ruined space with white armor(main character) and one with dark green armor (they are not that big.. around 7-8feet tall...but really fast and strong)
and our white armor opens his cannons on his 2 shoulder and shoots a really huge beam.

our main character is not fully compatible to use the suit....because he was cut lose from the cocoon pre maturely and thats why he still has the human sanity
he can only stay in the armor for 30mins any longer than that he will turn to 'one of them'

and when they are not in their suits the suit will turn to a small crystal thats as big as an iphone and a star shape....
and when they when they want to transform i guess in to the suit will just glow and all the special effects coming and ....oh ones they are in the suit...their cloth will all be burned away..and they are always naked when they come out of the suit lol.....

so theres only 1 high end spaceship that... a surivior team has..they somehow picked up our main character and later learn that he is the only chance they can fight back to the aliens..and thats how the series goes on,.....

lol i hope some of you can help me find this one ;p


credit to necrodeath...
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