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I don't know if he was revealed to be of Latin descent in an interview but I've seen several unofficial bios list him as much so you're probably right.
Trowa is always listed as 'Unknown' however Catherine is listed as Russian in GW Technical manuals, and being his biological sister, that would make Trowa also Russian. (Makes sense; Russian circus family.) The Latin/South American business is purely fanon, always has been. Just very pervasive fanon. (Possibly invented from him appearing to be fighting in jungles as a young mercenary.)
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I know the bruises and broken bones Sally were talking about were suffered at different times.
Howso? EDIT: Or rather, I suppose my question should be, how far in advance are you thinking? After all, the only injury-inflicting circumstances we see him get up to that point is the torpedoes he sets off trying to detonate Wing, Duo shooting him, and I suppose his crash landing into the ocean (although that one isn't directly seen).

Then again, they never show how he gets from floating in the water to being in the hospital, either-- that was always a major 'buhwha?' moment for me.
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Preventer are likely the organization creating mobile suits. It could be a new faction or remnants of an old one though.
But doesn't that go against everything the organization was built for? :/ I think the latter is more likely.

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