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Is this about commercially pushed/successful artists? If that is the case, both american and japanese, and every other country, music is heavily manufactured. What you see and hear in TV and radio probably does not represent what is going out there. The happy stuff you you hear coming from japan is probably only things that are currently successful, same as with the gloomy music in america.
that is quite true but then we have to look into either the underground music or some older stuff

well when i listen to some older stuff like loudness, i can't really tell how is that any different from old american hard rock. And if you listen to some more underground stuff, you wouldn't really realize any difference from a band of the same genre in the US i think.

imo, what makes it different is more mainstream music like scandal, yui, etc. and how they incorporate more pop, metal, blues, etc. elements into their rock music.

also, visual kei, there is almost nothing like it in the US, especially the make-ups, costumes, sure they are influenced by glam rock and glam metal, but the stylings are pretty different, and they play power metal stuff, not glam metal or rock
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