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What makes Japanese music different from American music? (specifically, rock)
Well, where do I start for american music?

Hip-hop/rap is not as original as it used to be. I'll hear some new joints that are cool. Then, I'll hear something unbearable. How can some of the new cats sell records that are about the same topic. Cars, money, girls, etc. The topic itself is to be expected, but when some of them rap on it, it just feels unoriginal. I could go on, but I'll stop here.

Pop just grows and evolves. No problems on this end.

Rock. It seems just fine. I just don't know many Rock artists I like.

R~n~b. I feel as though some r~n~b songs are starting to get slightly meh.
I'm noticing that some of the songs of this genre, seems to parallel with hip-hop/rap.
In terms of unoriginality. However, it's more bearable than rap at least for now.

Japanese.....well even though I could list artists and what not, but let's break down genres I listen to. (I can't understand what they're saying for the most part, but they're music is quite soothing IMHO)

J-hip-hop/rap. I don't listen to it. It's just because I never really cared too much for it. However, it seems okay.

J-pop. All I can say is this was my first genre I fell for.

J-rock. Same with this one.

J-r~n~b. Liking it so far.

That's all I'll list for now.
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