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What is it?
All the background/extra MALE characters in anime series with a school setting are the same. Perverted, extremely immature, virgins. They place all women on an incredibly high pedestal.

Worst offenders?
Every anime with a school setting. The most recent one I saw "Seto No...something" divided a school between supporting two girls in almost a WAR like fashion.

What makes it popular?
Not a clue. Unless Japanese writers LOVE to portray Japanese men as...quite pathetic.

Reason for the hate?
It's expected in most series and it is pretty intolerable.


"Enter beautiful girl walking down hallway"
"30x men follow her making comments about her 3 sizes and how they would die for her"


Is the hate worth it?
Yes, because it does nothing to further plot, nor does it improve character development.

Hell, it is character RECESSION :P
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