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Originally Posted by Kameruka View Post
What it is?: The lead girl have tendency to pick cold-hearted guy who openly hates her than nicer ones who openly accepted her.

Worst offenders: Almost every popular shoujo titles had this. Hell, even Yumeiro Patissire(which I loved) is not safe from it.

Notable exceptions: None. I hate all those cold-hearted guys with passion.
But it's not like they're HORRIBLE people-in fact they end up caring very much about the girl in the end so I don't really see why you'd hate them so much?

What makes it popular: Girls always find cold-hearted, rebellious and just downright bad guys as more interesting partners while nicer ones are boring and too orthodox. In fact most shoujo anime and manga revolves on how the girl to get along with the cold-hearted guy.
But they're NOT actually cold-hearted. They just aren't verbally honest about their real feelings.

Reason that I hated it: It just annoying to see how stupid the lead girl try to obtain something she will never have
What do you mean by "never have"? She ALWAYS wins his heart, duh. XD In fact, 9/10 times the very REASON he acts mean to her is because he already likes her. So saying "the girl is stupid for trying to be friends with him" is a very stupid statement itself when he's already flirting with her.

Maybe the better solution is try to convince shoujo authors to abandon this concept and make a new one.
That'll never work because way too many shoujo-lovers love this trope. Including me. It's simply too popular and it's also cute. Character development is fun to watch, simple as that.

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