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Now that I really went through the episode, just some thoughts here:

- If this was real life, Kou-chan will be going out with the bookshop girl the next time Ohana sees him, if there is a next time. But since this is not real life, things will be different.

I feel that Kou-chan will continue to wait for Ohana. It's not only the mother who understands Ohana, Kou-chan understands her as well. As Tohru said, Ohana's face says everything. Kou-chan, being the nice guy developed so far, will hope the day Ohana replies him to come.

Their conversation was a closure, but definitely not the end. It was a nice way to end the first half and move on to more meaty stuff that needs to be resolved.

If more Yuina stuff is true, then perhaps this might be a way Ohana will see herself, that may help push her a bit more.

- Minchi was surprisingly calm for understanding so much. She's like the Kou-chan before confession, I feel. She'll wait for Tohru if need be. Her role needs to be resolved as well.

- Satsuki's decision was surprising, but at least it managed to lead to two points, one, how much Sui-Satsuki-Ohana are alike and how it really runs in the family and two, how it will speedily lead to her vs her mother.

I still can't get over Hikasa Yoko as a young Enishi. My god, can I call that versatility? Maybe not compared to others, but it was still stunning to see her name in the credits.
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