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What is it?
A supporting girl character (usually as childhood friend) who like and always follow the main guy even though it’s not a harem anime.

Worst Offenders
Animes like Kindaichi, Detective Conan, Cooking Master Boy, Bakugan, the recent Beyblade, Gundam AGE (so far), Webdiver, Rockman EXE, Blue Dragon, and MANY more.

Notable exception:
Hikaru no Go (I don’t know, maybe coz Hikaru’s girl friend doesn’t get much screen time?), Bleach & Naruto (Orihime & Hinata don’t always follow Ichigo & Naruto. They have a live), Pokemon (the female supporting characters have the goal of their own. They don't just follow Satoshi)

I’m not sure. Maybe a girl character that like to stalk the main guy in any anime?

What makes it popular:
Nah, it’s just a way to give the main-guy an instant love-interest from the beginning (apparently, teenage boys adore the idea). Also, those supporting females provide the almost necessary jealous reaction when another girls catches the main guy’s attention (again, teenage boys adore this idea).

Reason that I hated it:
It’s pathetic. It’s as if those girls don’t have a life of their own outside of the main-guy circle and that main-guy is the absolute center of their universe(s). I pity those girl characters, really.

Does the hate really worth it?:
If my hates can reduce the numbers of pathetic characters like this being made more, then hell yeah!
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