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I have a lot of those, let's see...

A pathetic main character - almost all recent action animes have a crybaby for a main hero. Notable examples are Deadman Wonderland and Mirai Nikki. I could relate with ganta at first but when he kept beong the same all 12/13 episodes it was just damn irritating. Just what is authors problem?! It isn't that hard to make a decent character who still can develop! After all we have so many cool side characters who also change and develop during the story! If you want a pathetic main character then at least make him progress isntead of being stuck in his pathetic mode throughtout 3/4 of the show!

Totally clueless characters
- those are mostly in school romance/harem shows. The girl is litterally going for mau heroes dick and he still doesn't get that she likes him! A notable example was Kampfer, I have never seen a bigger idiot than him -_-
Almost 90% of characters in Reborn series are 2 dimensional and abnormally stupid. It took Yamamaoto about 50-790 episodes to understand that it was not a game but real thing, just how damn dumb do you have to be?!

Random power ups - don't even get me started on this. The hero is getting his/her ass kicked and then out of thin air the main character pulls out some random power that totally destroys the bad guy in a second! Where is logic and consistence in that? What is so wrong for main character to lose or get help?! Almost every shounen has this problem.

Novice owns proffesional - almost same problem as above. A total noob with barely any experience owns a high class proffesional only because that's a main hero. Almost in any shounen show. I can understand some cases since exceptions happen even in real life but not when it is repetetive.

Main hero as centre of universe - I undersatnd that the title main hero is given for a reason but it doesn't mean that main hero has to litterally do EVERYTHING! Notable examples are Ichigo from Bleach and Natsu from Fairy Tail. No matter how many strng characters are around, even those stronger than the lead, it is always the main hero who kicks the boss. 10 strong people could not handle the boss but one main character totally owned it, how is it even possible?

It is your hidden potential - I damn hate thise one, it is the worst excuse ever created! It can be used once or twice but not all the time!

Seriouse looking anime with cheap solutions - the best way to describe it is for you to see 2nd episode of Mirai Nikki. It is really hard to take show seriously when you have rockets flying from under the skirt and motorcycle appearing from thin air =/

Big boss is an idiot - this is a stereotypical way of killing the bad guy. The bad guy can be really smart but once it comes to fighting someone important like main hero, they suddenly become the biggest idiots ever! The case I can't get over is Halibel VS Hitsugaya in Bleach. Before fraccions started to fight she told them to not understimate their opponents, guess what she did in her fight? Exactly the opposite and got her ass kicked!

Age - most of the anime characters are around 14 years old yet they act and get sexually involved like if they are 18 and more! Don't get me started on Air where main hero is 13 years old and gets sexually assulted by 18 year old Simca! Jus what is wrong with you Japan?! Is it that hard to make a character who is at lest 16-17 years old?

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