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What is it?: Big/small breast complex

Worst offenders: Vast majority of anime with anything to do with relationships, especially harems. Way too many to count.

Notable exceptions: Ummm...

What makes it popular: Thinking with the wrong head. Writers can't think of anything else to fill up (i.e. waste) time with.

Reason that I hate it: Putting aside the fact that I think most big boobs in anime range from silly to utterly ridiculous, writers waste SO MUCH TIME over this nonsense. Every episode/chapter they have to waste several minutes of males being obsessed, and "OMG, you made a totally unrelated comment on something flat like a table, now I'm going to beat you up over it". Furthermore, lazy writers use it as an easy reset button to prevent relationships from ever getting anywhere (see Baka Test).

Is the hate really worth it?: Yes, if they would get over it, they could probably add another episode or more worth of content to an average season, as well as demonstrate that they are actually not totally clueless as to where they're going with relationships.

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