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Well Ronaldo was basically gathering an angry mob to attack, damage and sabotage a sanctioned GOVERNMENT organization a) responsible for protecting the world and pulling humanity through this whole mess b) led by a Hotsuin whose family has been protecting Japan even at the cost of their own lives for ages c) where people actually get the job done also even at the cost of their own lives.

They're not even withholding resources to survive. They do it to FIGHT as efficiently as they can to save humanity. As demonstrated several times, each JPs member is ready to lay down his or her own life if necessary.
I trust JPs members... but only half-trust Yamato. He's not the same Hotsuin as his elders (though somewhat understandably so). He's the kind of person who's capable of gathering enough resources before the crisis, but choose not to do so because he doesn't care about the average people.
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