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Half-Trust Yamato or not, what Ronaldo did was dumb, short sighted, and made everything worse. At least Yamato was getting things done.

Ronaldo had no reason to kill Makoto and if anything she would have been FAR more valuable as a prisoner since Yamato would have at least wanted his lackey back(even if she puts lives over JPs as she's a good person first). Ronaldo only killed Makoto, who was no longer able to fight, because he wanted to stick it to Yamato who honestly didn't really care all that much anyway since he isn't the type to mourn over a dead lackey no matter how useful they are. Thus murdering Makoto didn't achieve anything at all and just reinforces how short sighted and spiteful Ronaldo is as he's willing to screw everything over and let the world burn just as long as he "beats" Yamato.
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