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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
You know how Megami Tensei games like to have multiple endings designed after the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system of Law vs Chaos?

In Devil Survivor 2, I believe Yamato and Ronaldo are supposed to represent the "Lawful" routes, with the two representing two different extremes of the political spectrum in government (i.e. communism on the left end, fascism on the right). One believes only the strong with power should rule, while the other is supposed to believe in helping the weak.

There's also the Anguished One who represents Chaos or anarchy, while Daichi is the neutral/reset party.

However, throughout the game it's apparent that Ronaldo doesn't really embody an ideology fitting of a Megami Tensei ending at all. Sure, you can see in the ending how everyone is forced to help others out even at their own expense (since you as the protagonist were the one who made it that way...), but during the story even Ronaldo doesn't really believe in helping the weak unconditionally if the weak happens to be his enemy.

The fact that you can also see Ronaldo actively killing someone and abandoning others in need compared to his "opposite" who only has harsh words and dark history not even directly shown doesn't make him look any more appealing either.
Someone mentioned in the DeSu 2 threads of Gamefaqs and Something Awful mentioned that Daichi, Ronaldo and Yamato's routes were based more on the Qualities/Modes of the Zodiac (Fixed, Cardinal and Mutable, respectively) instead of the traditional Law-Chaos axis, which makes sense considering the stellar theme of DeSu 2. AO is represented by Ophiuchus, and as such his route is outside of the three Zodiac Modes.
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