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The way you describe it sounds a lot more reasonable then "He's a dirty wannabe communist monster". And I've seen some arguments that could hold some water on a more meta narrative, like his lack of consistency. I just get extremely confused by people calling him a 'monster' when his opponent is the guy who lacks any human emotion or redeeming qualities, whereas Ronaldo is acting about as human as one could expect a human to act (IE on emotion).

Because I can see absolutely no circumstances that could cause me to suddenly decide that everyone in the world is shit and needs to bow before me.

And to understand something is something completely different from justifying it. Not even trying to understand, however, makes one ineligible to judge.
The problem is that this is an issue that applies to Ronaldo as well. Whenever something related to Yamato comes up, any rationality that he normally has when he is with Hibiki alone goes out the window.

If you think that his opponent "is the guy who lacks any human emotion or redeeming qualities", then Ronaldo is the opposite extreme, acting on a single emotion to the point where it's not rational.

On a larger scale, Ronaldo is the leader of a faction just as much as Yamato is, and therefore has standards and responsibilities to meet. However, the game doesn't help make him any more appealing with his lack of consistency.

For example, I can perfectly understand when Ronaldo and others are protesting that Yamato is hoarding all the supplies for himself and his organization. However, when he goes around claiming that he will change the world into one that will "protect the weak", my sympathy for him is lost when he is never shown helping anyone, short of participating in Septentrione battles that he himself gets caught in.

And despite you claiming that Yamato lacks emotion, even Yamato is presented in a more appealing light when he has scenes like the taiyaki one where he enjoys food from the "commoners" he has so much disdain for to his own surprise. As Blizzard mentioned, you get to see how sheltered he is as he awkwardly grows closer to Hibiki and shows his attachment through his awkward commanding "I need you" orders.

The game just shoehorns Ronaldo's hatred for Yamato so much that even in Daichi's Restorer ending where it shows how "different" everyone is from the experiences they gained with Hibiki that Ronaldo is simply shown doing his job hunting other criminals to express that he finally let his grudge go and has moved on. Ronaldo's obsession with Yamato is just so large during the game that it seems that it's his only quality.

Is it understandable? Sure, I guess, but it doesn't really make him fit to change the world, and it doesn't show that he is any less guilty of crimes that he accuses Yamato of doing.
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