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I've just watched the 22-26 episodes of the original and the first episode of the new Negima?!. Personally, I prefer the old one. The new one seems kinda lackluster in humor and when they attempt a joke, the timing is all off.

(you know, kinda like how two people can tell the same joke but one guy just kills it... Negima?! is that guy)

Although it is definately a lot less fan servicey (which I'd prefer) and the art is much better, everything seems so much... slower and darker. It's not nearly as vibrant and energetic as the previous series. I understand they were aiming for of a serious feel... but come on... its a mahou sensei... a gradeschool boy magician teaching in an all girls school... the topic matter does not prelude to serious epic battles.

I didn't laugh at all, snicker, or find anything slightly amusing in the first episode, I hope they pick up the pace and start making things funny cause... I'm totally dissapointed... :< kinda sad, but I'll watch it anyways. lol i've just been tooled
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