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I wonder why they keep butchering Akamatsu Ken work's. The art is better than the previous season but still is not enough. The arts seems worse than the OVA promo.
OVAs are straight to DVD releases that generally have a lot more money relative to time of development per time animated put into it so its to be expeted that the animation of an OVA is better then a full length series. Regardless the animation of Negima!? is still very good.

As for butchering Akamatsu's work, well to put it simple Negima!? is not Akamatsu's work. Its Akiyuki Shinbo's work that is loosly based on Akamatsu's work. Even Akamatsu has expressed his initial approval of the new series and is interested in seeing where it goes. Those that expect this to stay faithful to Akamatsu's manga are only setting themselves up for disappointment.
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