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Akamatsu has said he likes it... thats good enough for me to give it a chance. The first Negima series he tried to manage and it got away from him (though he was able to get the first team canned, by then the damage had been done). Shinbo is an outstanding director with his own quirks and I think the mixture is going to play well.

The animation of this first episode is mixed... some of it is very watercolor arty, some of it is almost oil painting. If we remember Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, the first two eps were extremely atmospheric.

I'd say give Negima!? five eps.... if you still can't stand it, head back to the manga... which has its own derails and sidetracks depending on what you like about the story. In the manga, some people like the action.... I enjoyed vol 11 (lots of Kaede and Mana) but I must admit I'm starting to miss the Yue and Nodoka thread - lots of stuff left to do there. I don't *dislike* Ken A.'s manga but he has a bad tendency to ramble around, leave threads dangling, lose focus, or go shooting around in his stories. There are a good 2 or 3 volumes worth of material in Love Hina that most folks would just label a complete waste of time or detracting to the story. Negima is in some danger of that... simply too many threads to weave if he isn't careful.
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