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Originally Posted by rimaa View Post
JaMarcus Russell still hasn't signed his contract with the raiders, i wonder when we'll finally see if this guy was worth the number 1 pick.

I'm from Houston and i still have yet to get over the fact we drafted Mario Williams instead of Bush or Young(who would've also sold tickets) with faith in Carr last season, only to later ditch him this off-season for Schaub. But no point in crying over spilled milk, I'll be rooting for the Texans this season to finally make the playoffs!
The Raiders aren't going to play him this year anyway even if he did sign probably. If he did play, the raiders are just asking for him to get hurt with that suspect OL. Plus, it doesn't help that Donte has been pretty much placed in that starting position and has gone through camp. It's looking more and more like his team for this year. I could be wrong though >.>

Yeah Jamie Martin scares the hell outta me..I want Tyler Palko to be the back-up more than him...but if Simms becomes availible as much as I've hated him in the past, he'd be a needed back-up here...
I don't think Tyler Palko is ready for that spot yet. I'd rather we have veteran there. Tyler Palko is still a rookie, lets not get too ahead of ourselves ;p. I think he will eventually be our number two though

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