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Well Samuels is a key player and unlike Pats players from years past he indeed seems to be less expendable...His ability to recognize route combinations is perhaps his most elegant skill...No one in the NFL disguises man-zone coverages aswell as Asante Samuel (Jumps out-routes like it's second nature)...He's easily top 5-10 corner in the league..I can't blame him, he tried to holdout for more money and he didn't have to go to training camp (Which most veterans hate and know how to prepare for the reg. season without)...He was gonna get a huge pay day anyways as a franchise player, so it really wasn't a win-lose scenerio as much as it was a win-really win...So he just won, and next year he'll really win and command an even bigger payday...

New England's roster is so unfair right now T_T ...
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