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Originally Posted by monir View Post
Actually, it applies to any fanbase who are in the majority for any VS arguments. Opinions in the majority will downplay the opinion of those who are in the minority. It's a never-ending cycle.

Whenever TwilightHack is ready... No pressure!
@people :
Why ?! Why?! people don't join us !! Come on we 're talking about Ranka! Feel free to join us, we lack of fan here !
Ranka is ........ if you're a true fan, people , you know what I'm talking about

Monir, it's not a propaganda or something, we all know Sheryl appeals more than Ranka will ever do ..
But : Yes we can ! ( survive )

Originally Posted by Scep View Post
Hmm... would "songs" like the lion/what 'bout my star duet during the giant ship punch be included? I'd definitely vote for that one. Also, triangular by sheryl and ranka is missing i think =P If that song is considered.
Triangular was just for about a few seconds , but I do not know.

Well I start to speak too much in a requests for the new threads so I must refocus my conversation.
So here is my request for a thread :
Who will survive ? < last joke

Please continue your first converstion, I were just transient
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