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Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
He had his subordinates throw knives at him and surrounding him, it was suppose to be a one on one to see who's the strongest. Winning with outside help is considered "cheating"

Its like saying, "I kicked your ass, haha" but in reality you had 10 of your friends help you jump one guy.
Actually from Jihan's point of view it was never a contest or competition since from his point of view royalty and commoners cant even be compared together. He was just following his masters orders to kill Kenichi.

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Hey, Jihan fought with a handicap! Indonesian/Malay royal clothes are generally fine silk and don't do much against cold, not to mention Jihan fought bare-footed!

Realistically, he should've lost from frostbite before losing to Kenichi.
i dont think the clima affects this ppl the same as normal ppl. After all we are talking about the diciples of the strongest martial arts masters in the world.... running barefoot in snow cant even be compared to Kenichi's first stage of training xD
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