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Yet another summary... So it seems Treize wanted a cute little sister like Dorothy? Whoa... Well, this at least justifies that comment Dorothy made to Milliardo before boarding Libra about having fun being playmates with him and Treize when they were little. Also, Keelia (?) is Dorothy's mother's name? Can anyone think of a romanization that corresponds with an English name? Celia?

- A line -
Princess Aurora [names the world]
If the words of Kyashii police, people sleep in capsules for artificial hibernation freezing point-Heero Yuy. Chang Ku 曰 masters "was pregnant with a lofty spirit," he said.

The most famous classical ballet composed by Tchaikovsky in Operation [Myutosu comes from naming. Four-part song is prologue, it is necessary to decompress the data-awakening of the four.

- Power line -
Kyashii Poo [names]
Preventer women who belong to the agent. Sato associate rank. [Myutosu in Operation and lunar Gandamupairotto, Snow White, or new equipment and know 』[Wizards, including this one closely related to the cases.

Poo Saryi mother of this title appeared, his father is unknown. Kyashii and illustrated in, the appearance of Father Maxwell says, "just like" seems to be the face of it, and eastern Europe.
(⇒ Then his father, in Chang Wufei not?)

Dorothy T ordered by the president of Catalonia [Zhang masters and allowed to bring in Operation Myutosu three data files in order to invoke a preventer toward the base in the North Polar Cap on Mars Mars bureau.
Has a sense of responsibility for their duties, and hence I, [Ronde redemption requests to inspect the data are brought in the Father.

Rear Catalonia keys [names]
People said it was crazy Romufera Foundation. Colonel rank.

Academy has been an instructor of Treize, seemed eager to theory and strategies, especially the latest mobile suit pilot.

Rear view of Treize is a nephew key to good students so much as Treize and nephew were over pretty eyes.

- Line - Transfer -
Masa Kazu Sakai [names]
Long-distance high-speed hover ship's captain VOYAGE preventer.

Poo Saryi [names]
Characters in this title, one of EW. Agents belonging to the original preventer. Currently unknown.

Kyashii Poo mother. AC196 years, eight months before the incident serves to escort Marimeia Dhulian Ririna Deputy Foreign Minister, attended a meeting with a mysterious old man. The pattern has been recorded.

- Line data -
Duo Maxwell Worldwide names]
Characters in this title, one of EW. Is the name of the pilot of Gundam comes out from time to time such as data files brought Kyashii, while recognizing that it was the pilot of the Gundam name, Kyashii it was using more than one person has suggested.

In fact, in this title is often used as a pseudonym is Heero Yuy, brilliantly Kyashii is seeing right through the case is used as an alias Heero and Duo cases that person.

Duo Maxwell [names]
The boy showed his room bureau bureau chief Martian North Polar Cap preventer base with Father Maxwell. Bad mouth, a hen has been three long hair bad eyes or gaze tough, but doing so was treated as a 小馬鹿 Kyashii, a reliable technology to carry off a sign Kyashii have.

Father Maxwell father, the mother seems to have already died is unclear. How he died fairly young age, Father Maxwell is the evil of his mouth "after her death, one for grown 男手" We are in the mouth.

[Princess Aurora by Father Maxwell (Heero Yuy) They're on the train up enough to match the arms, it appears likely that the new machine in anticipation of full-time pilot.

Doctor T [names]
Details are unknown. [Snow White (Snow White) and The Wizard (Warlock) 』apparently coordinated.
(⇒ T if Troyes substantially, the former Gandamupairotto do that Trowa Barton?)

Treize Kushurinada [names]
AC171 ~ AC195 (died at age 24)

The preventer is a person who is recorded as noted below.
Foundation executives and [Romufera, a young leader to oversee a secret society OZ.
The Foundation is a leader Romufera grandfather was born elite. Attract many supporters who believe in exceptional charisma and political skills more powerful.

Every action has been backed by his own philosophy and aesthetics, Treize faction calling itself the confidence of his men was a great lady and Anne.
The higher consciousness of guilt over the war, remembered the names of all fallen and the number of people went through this war.
After the coup of the Association of OZ, for openly advocated a different policy Romufera Foundation, once the fall, will be imprisoned as a traitor's death Derumaiyu Marquis again, OZ comeback to the leader.
After taking over the position of the head from the unified state Ririna Queen of the world, launched a total war with the craft and learn the real piece de Howaitofangu representative colony of revolutionary organization.

EVE WARS is a huge challenge in the form of an end to the Ribura ship duel called in, firing a gun at the real body is rejecting it. Result, the largest in human history initiated by the MS against the word of command of the space between Treize.

State and melee combat against Treize, of which the person is ultimately the pilot Gundam 05, so after a fierce battle, defeated and killed 』
The above figure is called a history of preventer Kushurinada Treize.

His parents are Angelina, daughter of Kushurinada Kushurinada Sankanto Romufera Foundation and former president of Ain Yui Heero Yui is the nephew of the legendary leader of the colony, be born as their son. And half-brother and a van Kushurinada difference two years old, wanted to take over the family foundation and Kushurinada Romufera around the van can also Treize.

Treize first memory is a trip to the peninsula and Sukannadiva different father and mother and brother, just that day was the day my father was assassinated Ein Yui Heero Yui leader. High sensitivity, perceive the mother's grief, and tears of the first and last time in this life.

Excellent results from boyhood, at sports and equestrian fencing was good leadership.

At age 12, entered the military academy united coalition geosphere. Senior officers in schools. Catalonia was over at the Colonel Keelia We are taught the theory of tactics and strategies eagerly latest mobile suit pilot, after the foundation of the Commander OZ.
Base in Corsica at the rear part of the class of [Tallgeese 』key witness. Tallgeese said the aircraft was left to Howard where technical experts as "It's you against thousands of enemies in just one machine," and taught, we think strong hero is said to have expressed Treize.

Treize was seeing Tallgeese "The need on the battlefield rather than soldiers armada tend to malfunction, good hero alone," concluded, the Tallgeese weapon "ideal," the Guardian, Howard The "I want my board to have any Tallgeese" told. Triggered by interaction at that time was Tallgeese camouflage that was such a shining white paint decorated.

This title in the movie, there were remarks that Treize was Tallgeese first saw it was next to Lady Anne particular colonel did not understand all of OZ, and do not show her true heart called. Hide honest approach is consistent from the Academy, was only an open mind, also known as Dorothy Catalonia was the only daughter of the rear key.

Specials Treize force formed after the mobile suits in sensitivity gained knowledge and met with Howard in the rear and met the key areas for control of a unified global coalition coup say over a few days in operation Dibureiku and robbed, strategic use of mobile suits We found a method that could be considered historic achievement, was established.

The development also focused on developing mobile suits, the successor Tallgeese after Tallgeese II, Torugi III, from design to the most comprehensive aircraft Gandamuepion fully reproduced Howard said the design concept and completion The feat also accomplished together will be set afloat.

In this work, AC-195 SUMMER data files described in his writing, which triggered one of the key operations Myutosu.

T Dorothy Catalonia (Catalan Dorothy) [names]
Geosphere unified state president.
(⇒ W Gundam this title, appeared in the name of Dorothy Catalonia. Romufera granddaughter former president of the foundation. Given their positions, even becoming president Okashikunaku or still the same person?)

Former name seems to be likely Dorothy Catalonia (hereafter described as Dorothy Catalonia.)

Born in AC181.

Daughter of Colonel Romufera Catalan Foundation Keelia crazy.

At the age of two, there was also a distant relative muscle and Treize, she had come to visit the Academy has become better acquainted with Treize. Clever child from a young age, is said to feature there was a smile, "The Customer Treize, give it to Mr. Oyome" was the mouth.

Dorothy is like a brother to him about that Treize, Treize also wanted to really cute like her sister Dorothy that.

- Line Na -

- By Amazon -
Howard [names]
One of the scientists have developed a Tallgeese. After the assassination of the leader Heero Yuy, even after the run and people refuse to cooperate as five were working extremely talented scientists and engineers from the colony, they continue to stay as a technology base coach Corsica or.

Treize watched the specs for Tallgeese proud to excess weapons "meant to the thousands of opponents in just one machine," tells us, that is the foundation of aesthetics and the use of mobile suit after Treize remarks.

In response to Treize Tallgeese asked for was a heroic elegance and then camouflage, still has a story to tell and repainted white shining armor to this title Tallgeese appearance.

This title in duo, Zekes, has supported the role as technical support scientist Gandamupairotto five and was a captain of a giant battleship million pieces to go with the outer planets.
Later, EW subsequent development is unknown.

Heero Yuy [names]
Characters in this title, one of EW. Gundam pilot and this work appeared in this title. Kyashii these generations, especially in the Gundam pilots are well-known presence in the area between preventer confidential but it is known as.

His name was not the real name, also known as code name given the name of the legendary leader of the former colony. AC-196 SPRING he also raised the topic of the story of old age and record conversations in Ririna Dhulian data files. Old age says, "was number one. It was more than expected. Even if there is no barrier, he does not know to give up" is giving presents and praise.
(Given the commonality of data and ⇒, frozen for artificial hibernation and sleep in the capsule or Heero?)

Heero Yuy [names]
One of the characters appeared only in the name game. The name of the legendary leader of the colony. Kyashii its name is famous in their generation, one of the reasons it was exceptionally popular Gundam pilots his name with a code name.

Father Maxwell [names]
Appearance to the base room npc bureau bureau chief Mars preventer, an elderly man dressed in black clothes priest. The numbers do not belong strictly to the preventer.

Smiling and smiling all the time, the introduction Kyashii is "run and hide but, Father Maxwell tell lies" and had the mouth. Duo Maxwell's father. His wife and mother of Duo Maxwell has died.
(And the relationship between masters Zhang ⇒, and expressed that look just like Kyashii Saryi mother, dying experience and Zhang old masters at the moon base, or Duo Maxwell of this story? Then the mother, this title Hilde appearance?)

- Line Ma -
Peace Craft Miriarudo [names]
Characters in this title, one of EW. Treize Kushurinada in the data file with Friends of Eternity and noted the name had been drawn to the strikethrough. EVE WARS 』[Editor of the colonies and the mother Howaitofangu armed independence movement by civil organizations in the colony. [EVE WARS 』and death at unknown.

Kyashii is recognized as one of the Gundam pilots, he was the pilot of historical fact and XXXG Gandamuepion boasted over par performance but different.

The Marquis is a former identity OZ Zekes legendary hero, the window belonging to the preventer codename. Therefore, in view of this 作中 (AC-195 Miriarudo summer and Treize never met) will tell the truth bent one of the historical fact.

- Ya-line -

- La line -
Ririna Dhulian [names]
Characters in this title, one of EW. One of the three data files are brought Kyashii 』[AC-196 SPRING recorded conversation with a girl was left at the old age. Princess of Peace temporary home craft launched a complete pacifist Sankukingudamu princess was revived, and served as the head or a world state.

AC-196 years was Deputy Foreign Minister, was then known, from the words of President Geosphere Zhang for some reason I did not seem to be masters. And one is planned to terraforming Mars, we can grasp the end of the conversation with a completely pacifist old age.

Zhang Roshi [names]
Kyashii Poo superiors in the Chinese dignitaries packed preventer collar wears dark blue dress. "Routes in her read".

Base to stay alone in the North Polar Cap on Mars preventer bureau. Has not been declared, given that only one person in this office and bureau chief, bureau chief of Mars likely preventer. Clearly, but people talk so Shinairashii.
(⇒ 』[title of Roshi Roshi developed the same O Shenrongandamu once. Named Zhang is the surname Chang Wufei Gandamupairotto was the same person as the character of not only people who talk so clearly, could?)

- Wa-line -

- English -
J [names]
Characters in this title, one of EW. AC-196 SPRING old age in a conversation with Ririna Dhulian.

Heero Yui and the glutinous ties, the Gundam pilots Heero Yuy is he talking Ririna If it is true that the AC-tasked at the time of the year 196 new. All time anywhere for peacekeeping [Heero Yuy Ririna Dhulian sued it is necessary to deter named.
(Judging from the wording if the conversation ⇒, or Dr. J? That will be lived even after the explosion that happens in that Division million pieces ...)

Professor W [names]
Details are unknown. [Snow White (Snow White) and The Wizard (Warlock) 』apparently coordinated.
(⇒ W stands for winner if, the former Gandamupairotto do that Quatre Raberba Winner?)

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