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Originally Posted by Deacon Blues View Post
Here's some of the information from around the web:

Aurora Princess: Inferring based on Kathy's dialogue, the person sleeping in the cryostasis capsule is indicated to be Heero Yuy. According to Master Chang, it "was carrying a noble spirit". The naming comes from the very famous classical ballet "Operation Mythos" that Tchaikovsky composed. The tune of the prologue is four compositions, which in this case four data files are necessary for decompression (awakening).

Kathy Po: A female agent affiliated with Preventer. Rank is Sub Major. She aware of "Operation Mythos", the Gundam pilots of the old calendar and possibly the new units "Snow White" & "Wizard" as well as their deep connections to the recent case. Her mother is Sally Po, a main character from the original story. Father unknown. According to the book illustration and Father Maxwell, her appearance is "just like" her mothers, which seems to be Eastern European-like. In order to execute "Operation Mythos" under the orders of Master Change and authorization from President Dorothy T. Catalonia, she beings three data files to the Preventer's Arctic base on Mars. She has a sense of responsibility for her mission and so, wants to inspect the data that Father Maxwell brought, "The Round Dance of Redemption/Atonement".

Kyria Catalonia: An eccentric from the Romefeller Foundation. Rank is Colonel. An instructor at Treize's military academy who seems to have enthusiasm for piloting the latest mobile suits as well as strategy/strategic theory. Although Treize is his nephew, he favored him as an excellent pupil rather than a nephew.

Sakai Masakazu: Captain of Preventer's long distance high speed hover ship "Voyage".

Sally Po: Former Preventer agent. Current whereabouts unknown. Kathy Po's mother. In AC 196, eight months prior to the Marimaia uprising, she acts as a guard for Vice Foreign Minister Darlian as well as a sit in on the conversation with the mysterious old person. Appears to have recoded it.
Good stuff Deacon!

Like Kitsoru, I'm wondering why illustrations haven't been released but all in due time I suppose. I'm interested to see what the new mobile suits look like.
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