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Unfortunately, I don't have the epi 24 on my computer >.< But from what I remember, that scrap piece seemed to be STUCK. Again what you said is plausible too. As for the explosion, the time between when he finished talking and when the suit exploded is really small. Even if he did want to bail, I doubt he could have gotten much far, what with his door surely jammed (I think that hole might be a good escape route provided his belt wasn't melted and the hole was big....right now I can't exactly remember how big the hole was; the size seemed smaller when we saw it from Trowa's point of view, and bigger when seen from outside) and his injuries (he did take 2 direct shots strong enough to mangle his suit). And as a kid, I always thought I saw Trowa inside the suit ^.^'
Yea, I think they found him when he was around 4...was it proved in an interview that he is of Latin origin? Personally I am not going to believe anything till I see a proof. Maybe they might reveal something in Frozen Teardrops...

Yea, agreed too
Here are pictures that reinforce what you said about the metal piece being stuck but also suggest Trowa could have escaped relatively easily(how far away he'd get from the suit is another issue).

Maybe he was in the suit when it blew up, maybe he wasn't. Regardless, he escaped with his life. Is when exactly Trowa was found by the mercenaries ever revealed.

I don't know if he was revealed to be of Latin descent in an interview but I've seen several unofficial bios list him as much so you're probably right.

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Or he suffers from CIPA??? (one of the best short fics around ;_; anyways, warning for possible spoilers and death) Personally, I think that record Sally read was of the bruises he has suffered at different times in his life (I am sure broken bones do leave some medical mark) and not that he had 200 broken bones ATM; that is purely freaky and impossible!
I know the bruises and broken bones Sally were talking about were suffered at different times.

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Snow White and Wizards are what?! And who are making the MS?!
Preventer are likely the organization creating mobile suits. It could be a new faction or remnants of an old one though.
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