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As LN reader I am shocked how they ripped the important scenes apart and restructered them in unfitting places. Instead of ongoing development we have a static "monster of the week" episode.
They totally mess up Kureneko, she is not my favourite character, but she gets shafted pretty bad in this anime port <.<
Spoiler for LN - Anime differents of Kureneko development (timeline wise everything should have happened by now, but missing/changed scenes might be placed in a later episode so own risk of reading this spoiler:

Spoiler for Do not open if you didn't open first spoiler: After-effects of left out/replaced scenes unfittingly. (time-line wise these events should have happened allready):

I hope they will not create anymore fillers in this show <.< they left too many details out and recutted the scenes badly just to waste precious airtime now.Both Anime watchers and LN readers will not be happy about the whole character development being left out.
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