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This would be my third time not practically squealing over a new episode. Started with Ep 6, when they went with Manami, but that had cute Kirino moments so that was fine.

Ep 7, rushed much? -_- I haven't read the light novel, but I've listened to the drama cd. Drama Cd ver>Anime ver. And the second part was a bit out of whack. I was never into Kirino writing fanfiction anyway. (Well, it's not fanfiction now...)

Ep 8. No. Just no. I love Kirino. And I love Taketatsu Ayana's horrible voice. But I didn't like fangirl-whatever she did in the first few minutes. I'm 15, and a major otaku, but I'm not stupid enough to think that an anime studio could bend to my every want. Kuroneko was fine. Kyousuke... not so. The only thing that made this ep for me was that "Must be nice" line by Ruri at the end.

Ep 8 is about an anime studio butchering the source by adding original content. So what happened with this episode?
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