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Originally Posted by GN0010 Nosferatu
I agree, aliens being the focus of the 00 movie isn't exactly...spoilerish. It's fairly old and well known news.
As well, and technically speaking, Innovades are "aliens" unto themselves.

Originally Posted by kaito-kid
But seriously, then what makes Gundam "Gundam"? Is it really just the V-fins? I believed Gundam was about Human and political drama and the harsh nature of war and the effect it has on people... Ideologies vs ideologies.. People vs people... am I wrong here?
If that's what Gundam is to be, then I think it'd have to involve more "grit" than it currently does. Though, for example 00 and SEED, portrayed war in a disheartening manner, most of the battles just turned into (though enjoyable to watch) sessions of both sides beam-spamming one another until there was nothing left. For the "harsh side of war" to shine through, more characters would need to die, Gundams would need to be less powerful, and the plot would have to be more detailed and more politically based instead of just being with respect to Gundams vs. all. Whether or not that'd happen is open to speculation, at least in my opinion...
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