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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
Diana's power depends on her host like any other goddess. Tenri loves Keima no matter who he likes.

Any doubts she had during the Goddess arc would have been easily cleared once she learned what Keima had to do to get this far.

Remember, Keima is responsible for introducing Diana to Tenri. Love does not have to be mutual.
That is not the issue. There is still something that was not revealed and 2-3 chapters ago this "idea" was reinforced by Tenri hiding the content of the letter. Why make such a deal out of it in the first place? Couldn't Wakaki just have it be the thing that Tenri showed to the others? WHY being so secretive about it, when he does not plan to show it at all? Now 1 chapter + possible extras or something to cover this...

Or maybe we get the ending of a Keima-like guy, who is not god like though and not as good looking as Keima, who comments "ahhh I finally finished the Chihiro route of this new "The World God Only Knows game".

This last sentence in italic is now (un)officially patented!
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