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I can't see how the goddess hosts, especially Yui, would simply nod their heads when Keima tells them he's going after a completely different girl.
Ayumi would easily respect Keima's decision considering how important Chihiro is to her. In fact, Chihiro was the reason why Keima had so much trouble reconquering Ayumi during the goddess arc.

Tenri has been used to Keima going after other girls for over 10 years. This is nothing new to her. She likes him no matter who he goes for.

Tsukiyo and Shiori never expressed much interest in entering a real relationship with Keima. Remember when the two of them were talking care of child Keima that Tsukiyo said her time with Keima was valuable experience for her, and Shiori reacted by thinking of Keima as the person who helped her overcome her speaking issues.

Both Yui and Kanon never expressed any desire to monopolize Keima (well... not after their Weiss was gone). Kanon has put her relationship with Keima aside to focus on her idol career before, and she can do it again.
Yui certainly wants to capture Keima, but she never expressed any distaste for Keima flirting with other girls. If anything, she would just take it as a challenge. It's too early to say she has given up, but I don't think she would be unhappy if Keima made up his mind either.
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