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Originally Posted by Lilith View Post

Personally, I kept thinking that Shiori will be the girl.
And that might as well be one of the reasons why they wrote Shiori out of the story (at least for the time being).
I mean - it is taken for granted that it is going to be either Nayuki or Ayu ending (provided that he does end up with one of the girls at all)... but with Shiori still in the play that would be hard to achieve, considering that his relationship with Shiori is the closest to being a romantic one at this point.

They would simply lack the time to develop a proper story with 3 girls after Yuuichi, where he is fairly close to one of them already(which can not turn out to be the "winner"), when the other two have yet to enter the playground.

So perhaps leaving Shiori out (at least for the moment) is the only time-efficient way for them to achieve Nayuki/Ayu ending... they would probably run out of time if they would have to resolve Nayuki/Ayu arcs in the remaining eps, with Yuuichi spending most of the time with Shiori ... let alone having him develop feelings for one of them.
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